Friday Fun Day! Fairy Light Lantern

Happy Friday! I have a truly fun project for you today. I’ve been thinking about designing a small fairy light for a while now and finally sat down to figure out design and measurements. The best part is that each lantern can be made from only one sheet of 8-1/2″ x 11″ piece of cardstock! Of course, you’ll need to add vellum and any decorations you’ll want to use on your lantern, along with a battery-operated tea light.

The lantern consists of two panels that form the four sides of the lantern, a top and a bottom. The bottom of the lantern is assembled and glued in place so that you can place a tea light inside. The top of the lantern is removable. A piece of twine was added for a hanger. While this lantern might look complicated, it truly was quite easy to put together. Included instructions are complete with plenty of photo references.

I think I’ll be making this lantern again in the near future…well, at least this year. Think how fun these would be to make and decorate for Halloween and Christmas! I can hardly wait! What are your ideas for decorating this lantern? Let me know in the comments below.

This lantern is intended for use with a battery-operated tea light only. Do not use an open flame in this lantern!

You can view, download and print the project sheet for this fairy light by clicking on the icon below.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Products used to make this project are included below:

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